About me

Halina/CSS Certified Staging Specialist,
President & Founder, OMG Staging,
Graduate of  The Academy of Staging & Redesign



I always had a passion for decorating, but unfortunately only few of us can really do what we truly love and the same time make a living. I wasn’t sure if I could turn my hobby into business.

Six years ago I was looking to purchase my second home, while browsing through MLS Listings, I was really surprised to see photos of some properties …..So many of them were really looking sad, unappealing; pictures with a sink full of dirty dishes or kitchen counters filled with clutter, small spaces crowded by over-sized, bulky furniture; very bright or too dark walls, dirty bathrooms, etc….!

In today’s internet savvy world that we are living in, pictures are worth a thousand words! Most of the buyers look for their dream homes online, agents sometimes skip photo-less listings or if the property doesn’t look good. Yes, it is true that every home eventually sells, but the questions is: ” Is this indeed the best price I could get?”

Working together with a few agents for the last few years, I have witnessed the results how powerful staging is. Sometimes transforming dull, uninviting room into warm and elegant space can be achieved simply by re-arranging furniture and adding few accent pieces. Please see my “Before and After” photos to see the transformation.

I will be adding more slides to my home page, so you can see my most recent projects.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

All the best!