Free Home Staging

Home staging can be quite expensive!

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Usually prices start from $280 for a consultation. Studies show that by staging your house for sale, the return is an average of 6.3% more than you would have gotten if not staged. So let’s say you list the house for $400,000 and you spent $2,500 to stage it (that’s the average fee which most staging companies charge), when it comes time to sell, on average you will get $25,000 more than you would have gotten if it was not staged.

I work with a few selective Realtors who are paying for my staging services so what that means that the Homeowner, doesn’t have to pay anything. He is not taking any Risk! He only pays once the property is sold and that to just the Commission that was agreed UPON. Is this a gimmick? No –  it is NOT.

So how does it work?

Home Staging 3 Step Process

The First Step: The Consultation.

This is where we (the Realtor and myself) meet our client in their home and get to know them, find out what they are hoping to gain from this experience and if they have any questions about home staging. We will then proceed to start the home evaluation. This process may take 1.5 – 2 hours, maybe even longer for significantly larger homes. We will use our Home Evaluation Handbook to mark off items that apply to the home, as well as make additional notes as needed. We discuss, if colors’ are appropriate, de-cluttering, de-personalizing without impersonalizing. We will make recommendations and items that might be needed to be stored. Once the home evaluation is completed, we will sit back down with the homeowners and discuss our top 10 recommendations for the home and develop a preliminary game plan.

The Second Step: The Preparation Work.

During this time we will contact the owners (usually 1-2 days after the consultation) to find out how they would like to proceed with the implementation of the preparation work and develop the actual game plan. Prep work is the basic cleaning, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, organizing, repair, and maintenance issues that were addressed in the Home Evaluation Book. The owners may choose to do the prep work themselves and then give us a call back once it is done to implement the showcasing. If the owners are pressed for time, we may assist them with finding a handyman or a painter to help take some of the items off of the list. This is done only if requested by the owner.

The Third Step: The Showcasing.

The preparation work must be completed before this stage. This is where we will go back and create the focal points, move furniture around so it enhances on traffic flow, rehanging artwork at appropriate heights, as well as doing a final run-through each room to ensure they are 100% ready for your photos. You can only make a first impression once so do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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