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Vacant Homes and Staging

Whether you try to sell your home by yourself or ask for help from a realtor, the last thing you want to do is leave it vacant.

To see the impact of home staging please click on the photo below:

Why? Listed below are just few factors:

1) When potential buyers walk into a property they will be trying to imagine what the house looks like filled with new furniture and their belongings, it is harder to do this if it is empty. So many buyers are lacking such a imaginations, so the will need to be told which room fits what purpose, when the furniture are there, they can see that this is the living room and this is the office…

2) Leaving the house empty without any furniture, paintings, wall art exposes all the imperfections: faded hardwood floor where the rug used to be, badly painted spot on the wall that used to be hidden behind wedding photo, all of this will draw attention of the potential buyer and devaluate the price of your home.

3) Vacant properties most of the time give a message to buyers: “No one lives in this house, seller is eager to sell, will take any offer”

4) Once vacant Home is staged, not only looks more appealing, stands out from the competition but also increases seller’s chances of making more money and faster sale.

Hiring a home stager costs money, most of them offer free consultation, but staging fees, furniture rental must be paid by seller and in the event that the property for any reason doesn’t sell, the seller is few thousands $ out of his pocket.

Right now there are plenty of Real Estate Agents who offer Free Staging. Please be careful, before you sign any documents please clarify what exactly FREE stands for. Ask the agent about his staging program, if he does the staging himself how big his inventory is, what quality and condition of the furniture are? Are there any hidden costs: moving truck fees, furniture rental, set up fees, etc…..